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Tony Priestley is a British photographer. Born in Carlisle, Cumbria, but for the last 18 years has been living in south-west France. In 1980 Tony was given an old Mamiya rangefinder camera by his father, and his photographic passion took off! Money was tight, he'd just left school and had virtually no disposable income, but over time managed to cobble together a Nikon SLR and one or two lenses plus some Russian darkroom equipment that looked, well, very Russian! Many hours were spent photographing nature, landscapes and textures, then processing the pictures in a small darkroom situated in a cupboard under the stairs in his father's chiropody surgery.

Time and technology moved on and Tony found himself devoting more and more time to his new loves of road cycling, mountainbiking and climbing in the Lake District and Scotland. SLR cameras and their lenses were big and bulky, and the new pocket digital cameras seemed to make more sense. By the mid 90's Tony's passion for photography had been replaced by a passion for sport.

Fast forward to France 2012. After viewing dreadful shots he'd taken of the Tour de France and birds in his garden, Tony decided to buy his first DSLR. Sticking with Nikon, he bought a D3100 and a couple of kit lenses. Tony's passion for photography had been well and truly reignited! It was also so much easier these days with software replacing hours in a darkroom.

Tony returned again to photographing what he knew best. Landscapes and nature, but with a growing interest in photographic manipulation (which was born in his darkroom days) he started designing composite fantasy scenes in Photoshop. This eventually led to what Tony is today, primarily a conceptual fine art photographer.

He still photographs landscapes from time to time, but conceptual photography is his main focus. He also does environmental portraits and commercial shoots for clients. For more information on these, please look at the 'info' page on this site.

Again equipment has moved on and Tony currently uses a Nikon D810 along with lenses from Tamron as well as Nikon.